Customized White Marble Lion Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK -876

Customized White Marble Lion Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK -876

The White Marble Lion statue is life-size, it can be used for home, garden, hotel, and other opening areas decoration. Please contact us quickly and get a great discount.

Item No: MOKK -876

Material: Natural Marble

Techniques: Hand carved and polished

Characteristics: Vivid, artistic, and durable

Insurance: Cover all risks

Size: According to your requests

Advantages: More than 30 years of direct factory

White Marble Lion Statue Details:

This large White Marble Lion Statue looks very powerful and is carved by the masters who used natural marble materials. The marble lion statue shows its vivid and thick hair, reveals its sharp teeth with an opening mouth. It is laying down on the ground as if it were about to jump up the next moment. Look at his powerful limbs and body, the lines of the muscles are very smooth, every muscle is full of power.

Customized White Marble Lion Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK -876


Pure Hand-Carved Technique:

This vivid lion statue is carefully carved by our masters. They are all specialized in animal carving masters with more than decades of experience. We can see that whether it is the hair, or the bright eyes, as well as the smooth muscle lines, all of the details are very realistic, this is a pure hand carving master. In fact, if you touch or see the lion statue, you will be even more amazed at the master and YouFine’s strength.

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More Choices of Marble Lion:

In fact, our masters and designers would make a large number of marble lions every year, so our workshop has a lot of stocks for you to choose from. This marble lion is very popular among the people. In addition, we also have many typical designs of the marble lion, such as a sleeping lion, a lying lion, a flying lion with wings, a sphinx, and so on. The lion itself as a symbol of strength and wisdom, whether it is put on the main gate of one’s home, or put on the square or in the entrance of the hotel is great decoration.

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Advantages of the Statue:

On the one hand, we are a direct sculpture factory, we have a large amount of supply capacity for customers. As a leading factory and exporter in Quyang, the Land of Sculpture in China. In fact, almost 80% of the experienced masters come from here. All of them have started to learn to carve since they were teenagers. After six or seven years of practicing, they maybe have a chance to take orders in sculpture. We have specialized in detailed marble sculpture carving for more than 30 years. On the other hand, we have professional workgroups and designers. The size and designs are customized according to their demands. This lion statue, for example, is usually life-size. We will design and adjust the size according to your installation to make sure that the Marble Lion Statue we make is more suitable for your installation, and we will send you a picture of the progress of the work until you are satisfied.

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If you are interested in our white marble lion statue, please contact us as soon. We would give you the best price.

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