Hand Carved Chinese Guardian Lion Statue Outdoor Decor MOKK-626

Hand Carved Chinese Guardian Lion Statue Outdoor Decor MOKK-626

This Chinese guardian lion sculpture was carefully carved by YouFine’s sculptor, from high-quality material.
Item No: MOKK-626
Material: Natural White Marble
Type: Marble Water Fountains
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Marble Lion Statue

This marble Chinese guardian lion sculpture is a very popular style, exported to various countries and regions around the world. This set of Chinese lion sculptures is in the shape of the classic Chinese foo dog, with the male and female lions on the left and right sides respectively. We could distinguish the lions by what they step on, the female lion’s foot is stepping on a lion cub, representing the continuity of offspring. The male lion’s foot is stepping on a hydrangea, representing power and great strength. Our master carvers perfectly show the curly and thick hair of the marble Chinese lion and its exquisite accessories. If you need a pair of high-quality marble guardian lion sculptures, please feel free to contact us.

Hand Carved Chinese Guardian Lion Statue Outdoor Decor MOKK-626 Chinese guardian lion statue -YouFine Sculpture

More Options for Marble Lion Sculptures

YouFine is a professional marble sculpture supplier, we have exported our marble Chinese lion sculptures to various regions and countries around the world, and have won praise from our customers. And YouFine is always exploring new kinds of marble lions to enrich the choices of customers. Besides our common white marble foo dog statue, we also have other materials and colors of marble foo dog statue, marble western lion sculpture, figurative lion sculpture, etc. Almost any type of lion you need YouFine could make it for you.

Chinese foo dog statue -YouFine Sculpture

A Wide Range of Marble

YouFine is a strong sculpture supplier with its quarry supplying marble materials. Most importantly, YouFine has always used the best quality marble materials to produce sculptures. In addition, YouFine has long-standing marble suppliers who provide YouFine with the greatest support and supply of precious marble materials that are scarce in the market. Therefore, we believe YouFine could meet all your needs.

foo dog statue outdoor -YouFine Sculpture

YouFine’s Carving Artists

YouFine is a leader in marble sculpture making. Our marble factory has 39 years of experience and our factory’s carving artists are some of the best marble carving artists in all of Qu Yang. These artists have been learning the professional marble carving craft since they were young, and after a long period of practice, they could become professional carving artists. And YouFine’s carving artists are all experts with more than ten years of experience, and they are respectively good at and responsible for the production of different types of sculptures. This allows us to ensure that each artist could sculpt the original sculpture that he or she specializes in with precision.

Chinese lion statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture

To celebrate YouFine’s upcoming 40th anniversary, our marble China Lion stock is on sale, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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