Hand Carved Western Marble Lion Statue Yard Decor for Sale MOKK-765

Hand Carved Western Marble Lion Statue Yard Decor for Sale MOKK-765 (6)

This marble lion statue is mighty and domineering, and placed in the courtyard can bless the house. YouFine is a factory direct sale that can give you the most affordable price. If you happen to need a lion statue like this, YouFine will be your best choice.
Item No: MOKK-765
Size: Customized Size.
Material: Natural Marble
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Advantage: Factory Direct;Door to Door Delivery
Color: Pure white&red marble or customized
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Payment: T/T, Credit, Western Union, Money gram,PayPal.

Marble Lion Statue Introduction:

This is a very mighty marble lion statue. Generally, many people have purchased two such statues at a time, so that they can be placed in front of the house or on both sides of the driveway. In this way, it looks very symmetrical and coordinated. The lion has always been a symbol of strength, and many people placed lion statues in their homes to bring courage and strength.

Life size marble lion statue (2) Life size marble lion statue (1)

More Details:

The details of this marble lion statue are very delicate. We can see this lion statue engraving the mighty and domineering lion to life. We can see the lion’s teeth and tongue clearly from its wide-open mouth. These small details are not overlooked by the YouFine artists. The lion’s muscles, movements, and expressions are also very vivid. This kind of carving detail is perfect, such a lion statue placed at the gate will make your house look more advanced.

Life size marble lion statue (4) Life size marble lion statue (3)

Engraving Technology Guarantee:

Lion statues have been popular with people since ancient times, and people from the East and the West love lions. So YouFine often receives orders for lion statues. Our artists are very proficient in carving lion statues. Before carving, to determine the details of the carving, many customers will first let our artist carve a clay mold first. Because of this, the sculpture of YouFine will be more satisfied with the customer.

marble lion statue for sale

More Materials Available:

When carving this western lion statue, we used high-quality A-grade yellow marble. Of course, there are many kinds of marble suitable for carving lions. In terms of colors, there are many kinds of red, white, and black marbles. Each color of marble lion has a different temperament. At YouFine, we have a variety of marble materials for you to choose from.

lion statue home decor lion statue for home lion statue for sale

Since YouFine was founded in 1983, it has always insisted on making fine art sculptures, so YouFine’s customers are very satisfied with the sculptures. If you need a high-quality marble lion statue, you can always contact YouFine. YouFine is looking forward to cooperating with you.

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