High-quality White Marble Lion statues Entrance Decor Wholesaler MOK1-014

High-quality White Marble Lion statues Entrance Decor Wholesaler MOK1-014

This pair of white marble lion sculptures are hand-carved by our professional carving artist, this lion sculpture is very popular, you could contact us to order the beautiful lion sculpture.
Item No: MOK1-014
Material: Natural White Marble
Type: Marble Lion Statue
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Marble Lion Statues

This pair of white marble lion statues are carved from high-quality natural marble material. These two lion sculptures are different from the common western lion sculptures in marble. The lions look very lively and lovely, and their paws are holding beautifully carved carvings sculptures, which gives the pair some extra festive atmosphere. Our top masters carved a marble base for the lion sculpture, making the lion look more majestic. Of course, you are free to choose the size of the base, and we would meet your needs for the sculpture.

High-quality White Marble Lion statues Entrance Decor Wholesaler MOK1-014

Professional Marble Carving Artists

Our factory marble carving artists are experts in the industry, they come from Quyang, the hometown of sculpture in China, which is the famous birthplace of carving art in ancient China. Many of our top masters have inherited and carried forward the traditional marble carving craft of Quyang and have rich experience in marble carving. What’s more, they inherit the excellent Chinese artisan spirit and take each sculpture seriously, striving to create the best marble sculptures for our customers.

Sufficient Marble Materials

YouFine is the number one sculpture supplier in the marble sculpture industry, and our marble sculptures are exported to various regions and countries in the world. Most importantly, we could provide customers with abundant marble raw materials, including different colors and materials of stone. We have long-term cooperation with marble material suppliers, and our sculptures are all made with high-quality marble materials. It is worth mentioning that we have a lot of rare marble materials in our factory, if you need them, we would reserve them for you.

marble lion sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

Customized Services

One of the biggest advantages of our factory is that we could provide comprehensive customization services for our customers. On the one hand, we have a team of professional designers who could design the sculpture in the shape you want according to your needs for the sculpture, and we would not stop modifying it until the customer is satisfied. On the other hand, if you do not see what you’re looking for, or if you simply want to submit your inspiration photo or architectural shop drawings we could bring your dreams to reality regardless of the scope of the project.

marble lion statues for sale -YouFine Sculpture

YouFine could provide you with the best quality sculptures and the most comprehensive service, if you want to learn more about our sculptures, please contact us for more details.

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