Large Sunset Red Marble Lion Statues Pair Supplier MOK1-077

Large Sunset Red Marble Lion Statues Pair Supplier MOK1-077

Marble lion sculpture is a very common outdoor and entrance decorative sculpture, YouFine’s latest design is made of natural sunset red marble material, which is very ornamental.
Item No: MOK1-077
Material: Natural Marble
Type: Marble Lion Sculptures
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Marble Lion Statue Introduction

This pair of fierce marble lion statues were carefully carved from sunset red marble material by YouFine’s sculptor. The lion’s hair is sculpted in a lighter shade of marble material, adding a sense of design to the sculpture. These two large outdoor lion sculptures have strong muscles, thick curly hair, and sharp claws. Their open mouth-roaring image reminds people of the anime for the depiction of the Lion King. If this pair of lion sculptures are placed in front of the home, it would be able to attract more people’s attention.

Large Sunset Red Marble Lion Statues Pair Supplier MOK1-077

More Choices for Marble Lion Statues

YouFine is a professional marble sculpture supplier, and we have a variety of beautiful lion sculptures to choose from. On the one hand, YouFine has many styles of marble lions, including western marble lion, marble Chinese foo dog, flying lion, sleeping lion and reclining lion, etc. We could support the customization of any sculpture you want. On the other hand, YouFine could provide you with professional customization services, and you could choose the sculpture’s size, material, shape, etc. Any sculpture you like, we could make it for you.

marble lion statue -YouFine Sculpturemarble lion statue -YouFine Sculpture

Rich Marble Raw Material

YouFine is a strong marble sculpture supplier, and we have a rich marble sculpture. Most importantly, YouFine has its marble quarry, and we could achieve self-sufficiency in marble materials, including beige marble,  sunset red marble, pure white marble, and so on. In addition, the factory has some rare marble materials in stock for selection. It is worth mentioning that YouFine always selects grade-A marble material for carving.

large outdoor lion statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture

marble lion statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture


Carving Details

YouFine is a craft-oriented marble sculpture supplier, and we treat each marble sculpture with care. YouFine has the best marble sculpture, artists. They focus on researching many different types of sculptures and strive to create the best quality marble sculptures for our customers.

It is worth mentioning that YouFine’s artists have more than 20 years of carving experience, and after their careful research, the carved marble sculptures are exquisite and realistic. Many customers have praised and affirmed YouFine’s sculptures.

more choices for bronze lion statues-YouFine Sculpture

If you have questions about sculpture, please contact YouFine for consultation, and we would be happy to serve you.

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