Outdoor Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statue Supplier MOKK-116

Outdoor Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statue Supplier MOKK-116

The Chinese marble foo dog statue is a famous and classic statue among customers. Many customers buy this kind of Chinese guard foo dog statue and put them at the door to guard their houses.
Item No: MOKK-116
Size: Life-Size
Type: Chinese Lion Statue
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Material: Grade A Natural Marble
Applications: Main Entrance, Garden, Courtyard, etc.

Chinese Lion Statue Details

The large Chinese foo dog statue is a popular decoration for many families and Public places. It is the most common auspicious animal in Chinese folk culture. This pair of Chinese lion statues are very vivid and realistic. First of all, we would see that this pair of Chinese guard foo dogs have big eyes with piercing eyes, and their eyes also reveal inviolable majesty, so they are often placed at the gate to guard the house. The two stone lions are male and female. The foo dogs on the left are carved with a small lion on the left front paw, representing inheritance and continuation. The male lion on the right is stepping on a hydrangea, which means that the wealth is rolling and life is endless. In recent years, it has become popular to buy this kind of Chinese lion statue all over the world.

Outdoor Marble Chinese Foo Dog Statue Supplier MOKK-116

Chinese Lion Meaning

Chinese lions represent the unique lion culture in China. Since a long time ago, Chinese lion statues have appeared in Chinese civilization and even the world civilization as the patron saint of the house. And this cultural phenomenon also appeared in both eastern and western house cultures. To this day, the stone lion at the entrance is still a noble and inviolable mark. The stone lion sculpture placed at the door has become a kind of incarnation of bravery, strength, and auspiciousness.

Chinese Foo Dog Statue -YouFine Sculpture


Professional Hand Carved Artists

This pair of exquisite Chinese foo dog statues are made by our factory’s master carver. These artists all come from Quyang, the hometown of sculpture in China. Most of them have been taught professional hand-sculpting techniques since childhood and have decades of sculpting experience. And we have a master who specializes in carving Chinese lions to be responsible for the production of such sculptures. The large outdoor foo dog statues we show pay great attention to the details of the lion. Our master is very familiar with the characteristics of the Chinese lion, and the lion’s hair and accessories are carefully carved into the shape of auspicious clouds, which look more festive and vivid. Many of our customers sent us feedback pictures after receiving the Chinese lion statue from our factory. One customer said that after he placed the pair of stone lions in front of his house, he attracted many passers-by and everyone liked it. This pair of lovely and serious marble Chinese lions, and many people also asked to take pictures with the pair of lions.

Chinese lion statue -YouFine SculptureChinese foo dog statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture



More Styles of Garden Lion Statue

Our factory has professional marble lion top masters, no matter what style of lion sculpture you want, our artists would meet your requirements. We also have a professional design team, you would customize the marble lion sculpture in the size, color, and material you want. Besides these classic Chinese guard foo dog statues, we also have other types of marble lions for you to choose from.

large outdoor foo dog statues-YouFine Sculpturelarge outdoor foo dog statues-YouFine Sculpture

If you have any need, please contact us at any time. YouFine are ready to serve you.

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