Sunset Red Marble Lion Sculpture Stock in Discount MOK1-071

Sunset Red Marble Lion Sculpture Stock in Discount MOK1-071

This pair of marble lion sculptures is one of the stocks of the YouFine factory. They are selling it at a discounted price.
Item No: MOK1-071
Material: Natural Marble
Type: Marble Lion Sculptures
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Details of Marble Lion Sculptures

This pair of marble lion sculptures is one of the carefully sculpted works by YouFine’s artists. We paid great attention to the details of the sculptures. Even the hair of the lions was carved so vividly. More than that, these two lion sculptures look very dominant, full of muscles symbolizing strength. Our sculptor even made the lions’ sharp claws and cold eyes realistic. In addition, this pair of marble lions’ hands also carved a pair of wave-like ornaments, adding more festive and lively for this pair of lions. Many customers like to place a pair of such exquisite lion sculptures in front of their homes.

Sunset Red Marble Lion Sculpture Stock in Discount MOK1-071

A Large Number of Stocks

YouFine is a professional marble sculpture supplier, and we are committed to promoting marble sculpture to every home in the world. Therefore, we always serve our customers with the lowest price and the best quality. Lion sculpture has become a popular patio guardian and outdoor decoration. To meet the different needs of our customers, YouFine carves many kinds of marble lion sculptures and has a large number of stock for customers to choose from. What’s more, these lion sculptures come in a variety of forms, and we believe you would be able to pick the most suitable sculpture artwork for you.

marble lion statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture

marble lion statue price -YouFine Sculpture

Top Carving Artists

YouFine’s marble lion sculptures are carefully carved by artists specializing in lion carving. Each of our artists has their type of sculpture that they specialize in, and each focuses on studying the characteristics of sculpture in their field. These carving artists would carefully observe the details and features of the original sculpture before making it, and only when they have fully grasped the characteristics of the sculpture would they begin carving the lion sculpture. What’s more, YouFine’s master carvers come from Quyang, the hometown of Chinese carving, and they inherit the best Chinese carving craftsmanship, so the carved artwork has high artistic value.

marble lion sculpture -YouFine Sculpture

Rich Marble Raw Materials

YouFine is an experienced marble sculpture supplier, and our sculpture assortment is diverse, including lion sculpture size, color, shape, material, etc. It is worth mentioning that YouFine has its marble quarry so that we could achieve self-sufficiency in marble raw materials. What’s more, we choose grade A marble materials to ensure the quality of our sculptures. In addition, YouFine has long-term cooperation with marble material suppliers so that the customer’s special needs for material could be realized in YouFine.

marble lion statue -YouFine Sculpture

If you like this marble lion sculpture, please get in touch with us for more information. YouFine is ready to serve you.

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