Customized Natural Marble Lion Statue with Ball Design for Sale MOKK-581

Customized Natural Marble Lion Statue with Ball Design for Sale MOKK-581

The natural marble lion statue with a ball is hand-carved by our top masters. This marble lion looks very vivid, suitable for placing at the door of a house or hotel as decoration, which looks very imposing. If you need it, please contact us.
Item No: MOKK-581
Size: Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble
Technical: Hand carved
Service: Customized Service
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Insurance: Cover All the Risk

Lion Sculpture Details

This marble lion statue with a ball is a common style of a lion statue. This lion sculpture looks very fierce and shows the “king of all animals” in its appearance. It looks almost the same as what we usually see on TV or in the zoo. The lion has impressive lush hair, long and curly hair naturally hanging down on the sides. This makes the sculpture lion looks more of a lazy feeling. The most realistic part of the sculpture is the look on its face, its eyes gleaming stare at you, and no one who sees it is shocked by its eyes. The lion opened its mouth wide and roared toward the distance as if to warn the aggressor. This marble lion sculpture looks very shocking, and our customers often buy it to put in front of their houses.

Customized Natural Marble Lion Statue with Ball Design for Sale MOKK-581


High-Quality Marble Raw Material

Our factory has nearly 40 years of experience in sculpture production. During the development of our factory, we have always insisted on one principle, which is to guarantee the quality of the sculpture. Our marble sculptures are widely recognized in the industry because we have always used high-quality marble materials for our sculptures. First of all, we have long-term stable stone suppliers in the country to give us high-quality marble materials. Secondly, our marble sculptures have a long service life and could be placed in the outdoor environment for a long time. What’s more, we have a variety of marble, so customers could choose the right stone according to their actual needs.

stone lion statues -YouFine Sculpture



Hand Carved Masters

Our top masters have learned professional marble carving craft from childhood and have rich experience. First of all, to restore the original appearance of the sculpture, our artists would carefully study the characteristics and details of the product in advance. Secondly, in the process of making the sculpture, these top masters fully carry forward the Chinese artisan spirit and devote themselves to the production of the sculpture. Finally, after the sculpture is completed, they would adjust it again according to the customer’s feedback until the sculpture is satisfactory to the customer.

marble lion statues for sale -YouFine Sculpture

More Choices for Marble Lion Statue

Our factory often makes marble lion statues for customers, so we have many styles for customers to choose from. Besides this marble lion statue with a ball, we also have different forms of ball lion, sleeping lion statue, lying lion, and Chinese foo dog. In short, we could provide various shapes, colors, and sizes of statues. Many customers who have purchased marble lions from our factory are very satisfied with our sculptures and have recommended our factory to their friends around them.

Marble Lion Statue -YouFine SculptureMarble Lion Statue -YouFine Sculpture

If you need to buy, you could come to consult us. We would provide you with excellent service and look forward to your arrival.

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